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We are delighted to introduce our friends and partners in the Maisons Pommes adventure. Their common goal: to offer you the best of Normandy and share their expertise with you.

Bio Farm

Home Chef

Home Care


Ancient Flour Bread




Organic Vegetables

Home Services

Home Chef

Clément Ponseel

Passionate, professional, available, Clément offers you a range of varied services. From preparing festive meals for special occasions such as bachelorette parties, birthdays and large family reunions with the possibility of cooking outdoors, to cooking classes, he accompanies you with friendliness and culinary expertise.​

How to book?

We suggest you contact Clément directly:​

Treatments & Massages

Fanny Guinieri

Fanny offers authentic experiences of well-being and relaxation through a range of high-quality services, including massages and body and facial treatments at home. With unanimous testimonials, it’s the perfect touch for your bachelorette parties and birthdays!​

How to book?

We suggest you contact Fanny directly. Be careful to book in advance:​

Local Products

Sourdough bread & ancient flours

Fournil 1672

Thomas became a baker following a career change (former trader!). He creates his breads using old flours and sourdough and also offers workshops. Important: place an order by text message the previous Wednesday to pick up your bread on Friday at 5 p.m.​

Organic permaculture farm & organic eggs

La Ferme des Cocottes

La Ferme des Cocottes is a micro-food farm run in organic farming, where black laying hens are mainly raised for their eggs. His words: "Want to discover the farm, to have a great time, immersed in nature, do not hesitate to contact me." Maud ​

Cider, Calvados, Pear & Apple juice

Didier Bosquer

In Ablon, discover a producer of cider, calvados, apple and pear juice, in an authentic setting. You will be welcomed by a warm and passionate person, ready to make you have a good time and enjoy quality products.​

From the ground to the plate

Organic vegetables seasonal available from June to October, a few steps from the Maisons Pommes!​

Tomatoes, basil, zucchini, eggplant, cucumbers, salads, potatoes, carrots... Depending on the season, we offer you the opportunity to buy vegetables from our vegetable garden, grown according to the principles of permaculture and available from June to October.

Homemade Jams

Family recipes & artisanal production​

Discover our homemade jams, recipes inherited from family traditions passed down with love. Prepared the old-fashioned way in a copper cauldron, each variety is a delicate blend of fruits, spices and/or aromatic herbs. ​

- Gelée Normande : Apple, Pear, Cider
- Tango Rouge : Strawberries, Raspberries, Mirabelles and Mint
- Esprit des Îles : Red Fruits, Mirabelles, Vanilla & Cardamom
- Scottish Marmelade : Orange & Whisky
- La Créole : Ananas, Kiwis, Rosmarin
- Marmelade en Habits Rouges : Orange, Strawberries & Cinnamon

Available for sale upon check-in, they will add a touch of softness to your stay.​​

Yoga Retreats

Atha Retreats & soon you?

We recently hosted our first yoga retreat with Atha Retreats at the lodge, and it was a real success! For the occasion, we had specially designed the living room of the slate house for yoga sessions and dormitory rooms with single beds. Gwen and her students were able to practice in the peaceful atmosphere of the lodge, with the participation of a Chef specializing in Ayurvedic cuisine. We would be delighted to repeat this experience, so do not hesitate to contact us to organize your next event.​


Do not hesitate to contact us to share your home service proposals, your ideas for themed stays (outside high season), retreats, artist residencies or even events such as start-up week-ends