Your Stay

Each season has its pleasures. Discover the activities available at the lodge: here are some suggestions to enjoy every moment of the year.​​


Pétanque & Molkky

Sunny days are here again! We've got a pétanque court, boules, and a Molkky game ready for you to enjoy.


In the spring, it's time for outdoor lunches again. Enjoy a meal in the garden with a barbecue.

Walks in nature

Nature comes back to life, the garden blooms, as does the surrounding countryside, providing the perfect opportunity for a beautiful forest stroll just a 10-minute walk away.


Swimming-Pool & farniente

From mid-May to mid-September, enjoy a bath at 27 degrees in a 4m x 7m pool at a depth of 1.50m.​

Brasero Nights

What could be more iconic than a summer evening roasting marshmallows over the brasero?


A little match? As a duo, foursome or 10, enjoy the ping-pong table before another refreshing bath!​


Board games

6 takes!, Skyjo, Perudo, tarot, Loup Garou and playing cards are available at the houses for lively afternoons.

Cooking lessons

In autumn (and all year round), take advantage of the expertise of Clément Ponseel, home chef, for a cooking class to enjoy at dinner.​

Forest harvest

It’s blackberry season, the perfect excuse for a walk in nature.​



Or anything that has to do with cheese in any way. Winter is all about comforting dishes to share together until the end of the afternoon!​

Tea-Time & board games

Tea, hot chocolate, freshly baked cookies, blankets and Times Up game. Family and friends. What else ?

Treatments & Massages

Our partner Fanny Guinieri comes to your home to take care of you and your loved ones!​

Animals - friendly !

The cottage has a large garden for frisbee games with your pets! Bowls and baskets are also available.​

"T'as voulu voir Honfleur, on a vu Honfleur"

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